Rapture Playlist

I’ll be partying for the rapture tonight, as I’m sure most people will, too.  To celebrate, I’ve created a playlist of songs to listen to while I watch the bodies fly into the sky and into outer space.  (Warning-a post full of youtube videos follows.)

First Track:

The Man Comes Around-Johnny Cash

The spoken word intro just makes this the perfect song to start off with.  A haunting warning that “the virgins are all trimming their wings.”  I don’t know what that means, but I saw angels do this in Dogma, and I don’t think it will mean good things.

Second Track:

Wilco-You Never Know

Yeah, it’s weird to have a second track already start talking about not caring anymore, but that’s just kids acting like children, I guess.  Paul Simon said every generation throws a hero up the pop charts, Jeff Tweedy thinks every generation predicts the end of the world.  Seeing Justin Beiber get recognized, I assume they’re talking about the same thing.

Third Track:

The Vandals-Its a Fact.

As they say, in 5 billion years, the sun will explode-it’s in the Bible-it’s a Fact!  I guess that goes against the idea that the world will end in 6 months, but doesn’t Bible Math equate one month to like a billion years or something?  Maybe they’re onto something.

Fourth Track:

The Rapture-Echoes

I don’t really like this band, nor this song, but it seems really appropriate to think that for those of us that will be left behind will be able to hear the echoes of those that are super righteous floating up into the sky-probably something like “Told you so!”  Those jerk.

Fifth Track:

Bad Religion: F*ck Armageddon… This is Hell

OK, let’s bring it back to a decent band.  Subtitled because we all know that Jesus wouldn’t know English, since it wasn’t around the last time he visited.  Don’t know if hell know Spanish, either, but isn’t it a Latin language?  Shouldn’t be too hard to grasp for the Son of God.

Sixth Track:

The Clash-Armageddon Time

Turns out, Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Topper Headon knew this was going to happen all along, and wanted to pen an appropriate song back in the 70’s.  The clip did have to be live, though, so, in case Jesus is viewing this list when he comes back, he can see what the only band that mattered looked like live.  (You shouldn’t have waited so long, dude.)

Seventh Track:

Woody Guthrie-So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You

It’s just polite to say goodbye to everyone before you go.  I’m sure I’ll be listening to this and thinking “How rude, Shawn Pettigrew just went up there without saying goodbye!”  (Of course, it will be in my best Rudy Huxtable impression)

Eigth Track:

Lucero-Sing Me No Hymns

I just wanted to make sure the people I’m going to be with won’t getting too religious about this whole rapture thing.  Well, Christian/Catholic religious, at least.  (Wonder if the Methodists will be laughing at all the Baptists?)

Ninth Track:

American Lesion-Cease

Last Song.  Everyone knows it’s bad form to put the same band on a playlist twice, which is why I decided on this version of the song, rather than the Bad Religion original.  But, this is also a great track to end an album with, so that works too.


Tim Barry-No News From the North

Everyone loves little hidden goodies, so I figured this would work well.  It’s a song that starts talking about a hangover, which is basically what all the people follows will be feeling like tomorrow.

I know that there’s a bunch of songs that I’m not thinking of, but I’m not going to change this.  Instead, just post below all the songs I forgot, and then we’ll archive this for the next rapture.


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